Best practices for creating quizzes

Here are some useful tips for the editors to create a quiz:

1. Limit the Questions: Limit the number of questions to not more than 5 to 7 per quiz. This type of short quizzes fit perfectly into the sales rep's busy schedule. Also, they do not overwhelm the participants with too many questions. It takes them just a few seconds to answer the quiz. 

2. Frequency: Ideally, it's a good idea to send the quizzes once or twice a week to help the reps recall what they have learned. But, you can change this frequency depending on your training requirements. For example, when you have a new product launch, increase the frequency to 1 quiz every day. This helps in regular testing and reinforcing your sales rep's product knowledge.

3. Multiple attempts: This feature makes the participants take a quiz multiple times until they achieve a specific score. For a particular quiz, editors can set a minimum score to be achieved based on their business or training requirements. When a participant scores below that minimum score, then the quiz gets reassigned to her. This ensures a uniform knowledge level across your sales team. Use this feature for an exam-like setting. 

4. Competitions: Create competitions with these quizzes and give out prizes. This increases the engagement of the participants with their training. Make sure that the competition has prizes for not just the top scorers but also for the participants. This encourages participation and ensures that everybody enjoys learning.

5. Schedule: SmartWinnr allows the editors to schedule a quiz for a future date. These quizzes can be scheduled for the participants in different time zones. When quizzes are scheduled to be sent out at a future date, they don't appear on the participant's app till the scheduled date. This saves the editor's time and doesn't overwhelm the participants by assigning too many quizzes to them at the same time.



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