Download Reports

You can download the team progress report as a CSV file from SmartWinnr. Follow the below steps to download the Team Progress Reports:

Go to EDITOR > Reports > Team Progress Report. Then, click on the 'Download Report' button to download the reports.

You can search for a particular participant by using the filters- Name, Email, Date Range, Business Unit, Country, Manager, Meta Tag Type, Meta Tags.

In order to view the analytics report of a particular participant, click on the 'View Analytics' button of that participant.

This takes you to a page where a detailed performance report of the participant is shown. Below is an example report of a participant which shows

  • The number of quizzes completed by him
  • Number of quizzes that are pending
  • The overall net score and percentage score of the participant
  • The bar graph that shows the participants performance by category. You can filter this report by category and by Date Range.
  • Finally, the performance of the participant in each quiz. You can filter these results by Date Range




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