How to create KPI?

In the previous article we learnt about how KPIs are selected. In this article, we will see how to create a KPI within SmartWinnr. 

Go to ADMIN > KPI Settings > Definitions > Click on 'Add New KPI' button on the top corner

Here is how you fill various fields while creating a new KPI:

KPI Name: Enter the name of the KPI. Keep the list of KPIs handy. Example - Revenue, Number of leads

Metric Type: Select the type of measurement - whether its sum of revenue, number of calls.

If you are counting the number of calls, the metric type should be 'Sum'. 

Format and Dimension: Select the format of the KPI. E.g. Select 'Number' if it's 'Number of Calls'. Select 'Percentage' if it's 'Completion', Select 'Duration' if it's 'Call Duration' and mention 'min' in Dimension. Select 'Currency' if it's 'Revenue' and mention the currency as $.

Select Categories: Select a category to map the KPI's with specific skill areas of reps. This is an optional field. Filling this field is crucial if you want to see a correlation between how trainings and other skill improvements are affecting their performance. 

Here are some examples of how KPI Definitions can be created:

Edit KPI Definitions

You can edit KPI definitions that you have already created. Changes can be made in each of the fields.

But bear in mind that the change to the 'Metric Type' field cannot be made once you have already uploaded data against that KPI. 

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