How can I create a survey?

Create a Survey

Only a user with the editor role can create a survey.

Follow the below steps to create a survey through SmartWinnr.

Go to Editor > Surveys. Click on the 'Add New Survey' button at the top right corner on the below page.

It opens the following screen where you fill the details about the survey:

Here is how to fill each of the fields in the above page

Type: Here is where you get to select if you want to create a Survey or a Survey Template. Learn about the difference between these two.

Since we are creating a survey here select Type = Survey.

Refer to this article to know how to create a survey template

Question Visibility Type: Here you will get to constrain the visibility of the survey questions to the users.

  • Select All to make all the questions visible to the users at once.
  • Select Individual to make individual questions to appear at once.
  • Select Section Wise to create sections of the questions and make them visible to the participants section-wise.

Then, add the title and description of the survey. Give a Start and end date for the survey.

Anonymous response: If you check this checkbox, the participants will be able to respond to the survey anonymously.

Send response to user: If you check this checkbox, then the participants will receive their survey responses in their email.


Schedule  Reminder

This is where you schedule a reminder to send to your survey participants. Click on the "Schedule Reminder" button that is to the right-hand side of the "Schedule Reminder" box.

It will open the following pop-up:

Send Type: In this field, select if you want to schedule a reminder on a specific date or depending on the end date of the survey.

Date to send: If you have selected "On Specific Date" in the Send Type field, then you have to mention the date at which you want to schedule the reminder here.

Send before end date: Here, mention how many days before the survey's end date do you want to send the reminder

Send To: Choose if you want to send a reminder to everyone or to a particular group

Filter By: Here, filter and select the participants to whom you want to send the survey:

  • To all
  • To the ones who have Completed
  • To the ones who have Not Completed

Team: If you choose to send it to a group of participants, then this is where you select that group.

Message: Enter your reminder message here. By default, you will get a message template that you can edit according to your requirements. You can also write your own message in the Message textbox.

Once you are done filling up these details click on the "Save" button and your reminder will get added to the survey successfully.

Add Questions

Refer to this article to know how to add various questions to the survey.

Adding Sections to a Survey

If you select Question Visibility Type = Section Wise, then you will get to add sections to a survey. Click on the "Add Sections" button in the Sections.

It opens the following popup:

Here, you can add as many sections as you wish by clicking on the add button. When you are done adding the sections, then click on the "Submit" button.

Now click on the 'Add Question' in each section to add the questions to the section. Learn the types of questions that you can add to a survey.

Once you are done filling up all these details, click on the ‘Save New Survey’ button. It will create the survey successfully.

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