How can I create a Video Coaching assignment?

Only users with Editor and Manager role can create a coaching assignment.

Introduction to Video coaching

Video coaching provides a way to evaluate a Sales rep's field performance. With the video coaching feature, you can ensure that your sales reps are delivering the right message to your customers while selling.

For example, a sales rep can record a 2-minute video of her pitching or giving a demo about a new product feature and submit it for review. Reviewers can then rate and provide feedback about the rep's performance.

A manager or an editor can create a video coaching assignment and then assign it to the coachees.

Creating a video coaching assignment involves the below 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Create coaching details
  • Step 2: Assign Participants
  • Step 3: Assign Coaches

Step 1: Create coaching details

Go to Coachings > View Coaching. Click on 'Create Coaching' button.

Fill the required coaching details on this page.

  • Coaching Title: A Short descriptive title of the coaching.
  • Coaching Description: Provide a detailed description of the assignment so that the coachee understands the assignment clearly. E.g. "Give a 30 seconds pitch on the new product".
  • Sample Video: You can upload a sample video as a reference for the participants. For this, you can get one of your best reps or the trainer to upload a great video that illustrates the lessons and the best practices. This gives the participants an idea about how to proceed with the coaching assignment. 
  • Start/End Date: If the start date is in the future, the coaching will be scheduled for the future and will get assigned on the specified start date.
  • Competencies: Select competencies to evaluate a coachee. For example during a product launch, a coachee can be evaluated on her knowledge about the new product, features, etc. You can also assign a weightage for these competencies. The list of available competencies for your organization are displayed. Contact your System Administrator to add/modify existing competencies. View details at: How to set competencies?
  • Categories: Select a knowledge category related to this coaching assessment. This will be used by SmartWinnr to analyze the correlation between knowledge and coaching.

Step 2: Assign Users

Here, select the coachees, you want to assign the coaching to.

Step 3: Assign Coaches

On this page, select and assign multiple coaches to review a particular coaching assignment.

Here you will get to select yourself and also assign other managers as coaches to a video coaching assignment.

Apply coach selection to all the pages: If you check this checkbox, then the same coach that you select here will get applied to all the users across various pages.

Randomly Assign Coaches: This feature helps you when you have a huge number of participants assigned to the coaching. If you select this option,  you can randomly assign the selected coaches to the participants. For example if you have 100 participants and if you have selected 5 coaches then these 5 coaches will get assigned randomly to the 100 participants

What happens after the Coaching is assigned?

When a video coaching assignment is created and assigned to the participants, all the participants will get an email about the assigned coaching. Below is an example screenshot of the email, the participants will receive:

You can take the coaching from the SmartWinnr app or click on the "click here" link in the email to get started with the coaching in the SmartWinnr portal.

Similarly, once a participant submits his video response, then all the coaches of that coaching will receive an email about it. Below is an example screenshot of the email, the coaches are going to receive:


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