How can I login to SmartWinnr App

Prerequisites: Read these articles on SmartWinnr before you proceed with logging into the SmartWinnr app

  1. What is SmartWinnr?
  2. Browser and Device support for SmartWinnr
  3. How can I download the Smartwinnr app?

Login to SmartWinnr App

Open the installed SmartWinnr app from your IOS or Android device. This is the icon of the app:

The app will open to show the login screen, similar to the screen below. Enter your username (it can be your company email or mobile number) and click on the Next button. If you're not sure about your username, please write to us at

Upon clicking next, it will display the field where the password has to be entered.

In case, after entering your email it says "user does not exist"-- it means that your SmartWinnr account has not been created by your system administrator. In that case, please write to

Once you enter your password, click on the ‘Sign In’ button.

If you forgot your password, learn how to reset your password

Once you successfully login to the app, you will get to see the home screen of the SmartWinnr app. The home screen shows you a dashboard as shown in the picture below, 






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