How can I view a competition Leaderboard?

A leaderboard shows the comparative ranking of each participant in your competition. Leaderboards can be of individual participants and teams as well. Follow the below steps to view the leaderboard of the competition:

Open the SmartWinnr app > Tap on the performance tab.

Then, tap in the Competition tab. It opens the following page where you can see the competition scores of each participant.

If a team leaderboard is added to your competition, click on the dropdown at "All Participants". It opens the following popup where you can see can choose to view a team leaderboard.

It will display the rankings of the teams in your competition. 

If you click on the “View Details” button at the bottom of this screen, it will open the following screen where you will get to see a list of all competitions that have happened in the past or currently active. 



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