How do I upload a coaching video?

Follow the below steps to upload your coaching video in the SmartWinnr app:

Step:1 Go to the hamburger menu > Coachings > Assigned tab. Select the coaching assignment.

Step 2: On the coaching details page, click on the  'Record Video' button to record or select your video from the gallery.

When you click on the 'Record Video' button, it gives you two options- to record it from the camera or to select a video from the gallery.

When you record the video from the camera, it will get stored in your phone's gallery even if you don't upload it. This way, when you make multiple attempts to record a video, you can view all your recordings and upload your best recording from the gallery.

Step 3: You can preview your video on the same page and then click on the 'Upload Video' button to submit the video.

You will get a confirmation screen like the one below, once your video gets uploaded successfully. You will also get a notification once your submission is reviewed by a coach.

Only user with the user role can upload the coaching video.
You can preview your video multiple times before you submit.
Once the coaching is submitted, the participant will not be able to edit or resubmit the video.



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