How do I view the KPI scorecard?

A Scorecard is a collection of KPIs that's being tracked. Scorecards can be either Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly. Watch how the scorecard changes when you complete your activities. Follow these steps to view a KPI Scorecard:

Open the SmartWinnr app > Tap on the Performance tab. 

You will see a scorecard with a bar graph that shows your performance in a particular KPI. You can choose to view the monthly scorecard or weekly scorecard by choosing the respective tabs.

Let us now look at the different values that this graph shows:

Minimum value: This is the minimum value that you have to achieve against a KPI in order to get points. This is how it is shown in the graph:

Maximum value: This is the maximum threshold value until which points will be allotted to you. Even if you score more than this score, points will not be allotted to you beyond this.

Target: This is the target set for you to achieve against each KPI.

Current: This blue bar shows the current achievement so far.

Mean: This is the average of all the participants scores against a KPI.

If you click on the “View Details” button, you will get to see more details about your KPI targets and your scores against those targets.



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