How to add a Quiz to a competition?

Here are the steps to add a quiz to a competition:

  1. Once you get to the third step of creating competition, select Quiz in the "Select Task".
  2. Give a name to the task
  3. Assign points for the task
  4. Set a start and end date of the task

Below is a screenshot of adding a quiz to a competition:

Then, click on the "Create" button which will take you to a page where you can create a new quiz and add it to the competition. Refer to the articles below to know how to create a quiz:

How to create an automatic quiz?

How to create a manual quiz?

Clicking on the "Duplicate Quiz" button opens the following pop-up from where you can select an existing quiz and duplicate it.

How to add competition from the quiz?

You can add a quiz to existing competition in order to engage the participants and establish a healthy competition among them. Follow the below steps for adding quizzes to a competition:

Go to EDITOR > Questions and Quizzes > View All Quizzes -> Add new Quiz.

Add the required quiz details here. Now to link the quiz to a competition click on the 'Attach to Competitions' button. Select the competition to which you want to attach the quiz to and then click on 'Save'.

The 'Attach to Competitions' button will be available only when there are active competitions.

This will add the quiz to the competition.

If there are active competitions and if you click on the 'Save and Add Questions' button without attaching the quiz to any competition then you will get the following popup which asks you to attach the quiz to a competition.

You can click on 'I want to attach this quiz to competition' and then select the competition to which you would like to link the quiz. Otherwise, click on 'I don't want to add, save this quiz'.


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