How to add/change targets?

Follow the below steps in order to add/change the targets in a scorecard:

Go to EDITOR > KPI > Scorecards. Click on the scorecard for which you want to edit the target. Click on '3', and 'Edit Target'.

Here is how you will get to see the targets of each user:

You can choose to change targets for the entire team by editing in the line of the 'Target'. This will change the target for the entire week. It's an easy and quick way to change target for everyone. 

You can also choose to change the target for an individual person for a specific timeframe. This becomes handy when you want to assign a different target to a new joiner. 

In this screenshot, Bryan Hill is new and his target for Week 4 has been changed to 32

Once all the changes are done, click on 'Save' and the scorecard is on. 

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