How to create a SmartFeed?

Create a New SmartFeed

Login to SmartWinnr > EDITOR > Go to SmartFeeds > View All SmartFeeds. It will open the following page:

In this page "My SmartFeed" tab shows the Smart feeds that are created by you. And, "Other SmartFeed" tab shows the list of Smart feeds created by other editors to which you have access permission.

In order to create a new SmartFeed, click on the 'Add New SmartFeed' button.

You will see this screen:

Choose Language

You can choose the language in which you want to send the SmartFeed in by clicking on the ‘Change Language’ button on the right. English is chosen as the predefined language.

SmartFeed Title

You can choose a title to the SmartFeed you are sending.

Add the title under the SmartFeed Title section.

SmartFeed Content

You can send Simple Text, Videos, Images or Links as SmartFeed.


If it is a simple message that you want to send, start by writing the text in the box below.


You can also send videos of products, product demonstrations, customer feedback, customer stories and more. Click on the video icon. You can add your own videos to the SmartFeed or videos from YouTube, Box, and Brainshark.

Click to know how to add different videos to a SmartFeed


Images or pictures can be sent as SmartFeed by clicking on the image icon. Then click on the 'Choose File' button to select the required files from the computer.


You can also send links by clicking on the links icon. Then paste the link in the box and choose the Submit option.


You can send an audio file in the SmartFeed by clicking on the audio icon. Then, click on the 'Choose File' button to select the required audio file from your system.

Upload PDF

You can also upload a pdf if you want to share product specification sheets or more. Click on the 'Choose File' button and then select the required files from the computer to upload.


In the settings section, you get to choose when to send out a particular SmartFeed. You can send it right away by choosing the 'Send Now' option or schedule to send it at a later date. 

Also, you get to choose the expiration of the SmartFeed. Choosing 'Never' will make the SmartFeed always available or set an expiry date after which the SmartFeed won't be visible.

'Enable Share' option lets you share a SmartFeed through WhatsApp or email

Select Categories

Categorize your SmartFeed from the categories that are already pre-defined for your business unit. Choose the categories and then click on the 'Save New SmartFeed' button below it.

The SmartFeed is now created. You can keep this SmartFeed in your list and send it when you need to.


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