Question bank

What is a Question Bank?

Question Bank is a central repository of all questions that have been created in your division. You have access to questions created by other trainers in your business unit.

Searching the Question Bank

In the question bank, you have various search options that you can use to search for a question. A particular question can be searched based on:

  • The business unit for which it was created
  • The name of the person who has created it
  • And the "Question Type"-- Multiple Choice, Fill in the blanks, Matching, and Hotspot

Also, Question Bank comes with an advanced search. 

Click on the ‘Advanced Search’ link to open the ‘Advanced Search’ box.

You can search for specific questions by entering your search text in the 'Search' box. You can also search for questions in a specific category by entering the category in the 'category Values' box.

To clear the search, delete the text in the ‘Search’ box → Click on ‘Search’ button again.


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