Question Response Analytics

In order to view the Question Response analytics, follow the below steps:

EDITOR > Questions and Quizzes > View All Quizzes. Then, click on the Analytics icon of a particular quiz. It opens the following page:

On this page, navigate to the "Questions in Quiz" section. This section shows the analytics of each question in the quiz. These analytics help the quiz masters and the editors to understand how people are performing in each question. The percentage is a measure of how much percentage of people have got this question correct.

Additionally, there is also separate analytics available for the multiple-choice questions. To view the analytics of a multiple-choice question, click on the analytics icon on the right-hand side of a question.

It will open the following pop-up where you can see

  • The question,
  • The correct option to the question
  • And the graph that shows all the options of the question and analytics of the number of responses each option has received.

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