How to create multiple-choice question?

SmartWinnr offers a wide range of question types that you can choose from for your quiz. 

A multiple-choice question allows the participants to choose one or more than one answer to a particular question.

Below are the steps to create a multiple-choice question.

Go to EDITOR > Questions and Quizzes > Question Bank. Click on the 'Add New Question' button at the top right corner.

On the 'Create new Question' page, select a division in the 'Select Division' field. Then, 'Question Type' = Multiple Choice.

A note on copying questions from Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word adds certain hidden characters and markups to every document. If you directly copy text from a Word document, these hidden artifacts can create the problem, especially in mobile devices. To avoid this issue, if you are copying any question from a Word document, please follow these steps:

Copy the text from the Word Document into Notepad. This removes all hidden markups.
Then copy the text from Notepad into SmartWinnr → Question box.


Enter your question here.

For the question, you can have various elements like Simple Text, Videos, Images, Links or Audio


If it's just a text question, then you can simply write it in the box


You can pose a question through a video as well. Choose videos of products, product demonstrations, customer feedback, customer stories and ask questions based on that. Click on the video icon. You can add your own videos to the question or videos from YouTube, Box, and Brainshark.

Learn how to add different videos to a question


Images or pictures can be sent with a question by clicking on the image icon. Then click on the 'Choose File' button to select the required files from the computer.

Learn how to add an image to the question


You can also insert a link with the question by clicking on the links icon. 

Learn how to embed a link into the question


You can also send an audio file with the question by clicking on the Audio icon.

Learn how to embed an audio file into the question

You can change the language of the question by clicking on the "Change Language" button at the top right corner of this section. It will open the following popup:

Choose the language to which you want to change and then click on the "Save" button.

Answer Options

This is where you enter the answer options for the multiple-choice question

Question Feedback

Use ‘Feedback’ if you want to add additional information to a question. The feedback is visible only after the participant has completed answering the questions in a quiz. You can add text, videos or images to feedback.

Select Categories

In SmartWinnr, every question requires at least one category. Categories are pre-defined by your administrator. You can select one or more categories that best defines a question. The screenshot below shows the categories and the category values selected.

Once you have filled in the required details of the question, click on the 'Save New Question' button in order to save the question.

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