Team Analytics

The results of the performance of all quizzes are available to all the quizmasters in the β€˜Team Analytics’ section.

In order to view the team analytics go to EDITOR > Reports > Team Analytics.

The overall performance, performance by country and leaderboard reflects the data for your entire division, depending on your access.

Categorywise Performance for all Countries: This section gives you the bar graph of the category wise performance for all the countries. 

Performance By Category By Country: This section gives you a heat map which shows the performance by category and by country.

SmartWinnr is flexible and supports slicing and dicing of information. You can click on the 'Filter' button to filter the results by Country, Category, User Tag and Date Range. Clicking the 'Filter' button opens the following popup.

Leaderboard: In this section, you will be able to view a quarterly leaderboard of performance. You will be able to see a participant's performance over a period of time by clicking on the 'View Analytics' button. You can search for a particular user by using the 'Country' filter or by entering your search in the 'Search' box.

Team Knowledge Profile: This section gives you the total score of all the team members. You can filter these performance results of the participant's by Category, Tags and Date Range.


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