Understanding knowledge categories

Why do we need Knowledge categories?

Categories are a way to structure your business-critical knowledge into different areas or topics. These reflect your business objectives, targets set for the sales teams and more. Multiple categories can reflect

  • your products, offers, solutions or services
  • Attributes of a product like features, advantages, benefits, pricing
  • information that a new joinee needs to know to function effectively like about your industry, your company, your competitors

This can be a sample of categories:

Every question, SmartFeed and coaching will be linked to one category or the other. They can also have multiple categories. For example, a question can be on 'Stents' and their 'Features'.

All measurement and tracking will be based on these categories.

This is an example screenshot of how you can measure different aspects of Selling Skills within SmartWinnr:

Selecting Categories

In SmartWinnr, every question requires at least one category. To select categories for Questions, follow the below steps:

Go to 'Questions and Quizzes' from the left menu bar -> Question Bank -> Add New Question.

You can select one or more categories that best defines a question. The screenshot below shows the categories and the category values selected.


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