How to upload KPI data

After you have completed creating the Field Mapping (How to create a Field Mapping?) , you can upload data into SmartWinnr against this mapping. 

Below are the steps to upload your KPI data:

Go to EDITOR > KPI > Upload Data. It opens the following page:

KPI Mapping: Here, select the kind of KPI mapping that you would like to use.

Once you choose a KPI Mapping you will get to select the KPIs related to it. These KPIs will be available to you in CSV file and you will have to add your values against these KPIs.

Download your CSV file by clicking on the 'Download Sample CSV' button.

Then click on the 'Choose File' button and select the CSV file that you want to upload. Next, click on the 'Upload' button to upload it.

Upon successful upload of all the fields, it shows the status of each record in the uploaded status.

In case there are any incorrect values, the status will be shown as 'failed'.

KPI Mapping: This lets you select the mapping that you would like to use.

View KPI Mapping: This button shows you the list of KPIs that need to be matched. Below is a screenshot of the popup that shows a list of KPIs:

Download Sample CSV: This button downloads a sample CSV file with all the necessary fields. You can then fill in your data in this CSV file and upload it. This makes it easy for you to map all the fields in your file.

Add Mapping: This button takes you to the below page where you can make changes to the existing CSV fields.

View Uploaded Data: This button gives you an overview of all the data that is uploaded. Below is a screenshot of it:

View Logs: This button shows the logs of the uploaded data. Below is the screenshot of it:


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