What are Scorecards?

Scorecards are a great way to measure your sales rep's performance against the KPIs that are set. After Step 1 - Define KPIs and Step 2 - Create Field Mappings, this is the 3rd step of the KPI Gamification process setup. 

Scorecards allow you to measure these KPIs daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. You can set targets for the teams. And also set individual targets for a new joiner or an experienced rep. This is also the place where we determine the scoring mechanism. Before you start to create a scorecard, take a while to think on these 2 important aspects:

  1. Measurement Duration and Target: What sort of duration will work best for a KPI? Some KPIs are best measured daily and some are best measured quarterly.  It depends on the KPI and history of achieving the KPI. For example, a sales rep might be able to close the sale of a maximum of 4 capital equipments in a month. So if we were measuring the KPI called 'Number of Capital Equipments Sold', the best measurement duration will be monthly. But you might want to break it down and if one of the goals of your organization is to focus on distributing the sales across the month, then it might make sense to measure it weekly and keep a target of 1 per week. The target needs to be realistic so that reps are motivated when they achieve it. 
  2. Scoring: Scores determine the points that a participant gets when she achieves certain KPIs. You will almost always start with a couple of KPIs for a game. Each KPI can have a score associated with it. The scores will need to be well-balanced. The number of points that we associate with each KPI should ideally reflect the importance of each KPI.

Go to EDITOR > KPI > Scorecards. Click on any of the scorecards to view a scorecard. If you cannot see any scorecards here, go ahead and create one. Here is how a scorecard can look like.


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