How to create an automatic quiz?

Follow the below steps to create an automatic quiz.

Go to EDITOR > Questions and Quizzes > View All Quizzes -> Add New Quiz.

On the 'Create New Quiz' page, select Quiz Type = Automatic.

In the automatic quiz, the SmartWinnr system can automatically send targeted questions to each individual participant based on their past response history. This could be helpful if you have a large question bank but want to send only a few questions per quiz over a period of time to cover the entire question bank. The editor can specify different options in an auto-quiz, including:

  • The frequency of quiz delivery: Number of days between successive quiz delivery. For example, if set to 1, every day the SmartWinnr system will send 1 quiz to all the participants assigned to the quiz.
  • The number of Questions per Quiz: Determines how many questions should be sent in each quiz.
  • The number of correct responses for a question to stop it from being repeated: If set to 1, after the participant has answered a question correctly, it will not be repeated.
  • Percentage of questions assigned: The steps from 4-7 will allow you to assign a percentage value of questions assigned from unanswered questions, incorrectly answered questions, partially correct answered questions and correctly answered questions.

After filling in the required details to create a quiz, click on the 'Save and Add Questions' button.

Add Questions to Quiz

Once you have completed the steps to create a quiz, you can now add questions to the quiz.

Select questions by searching with the different search criteria and checking the checkbox to the left of each question. 

After selecting the questions, click on ‘Save’. Next, we can assign the quiz to the participants.

Assign quiz to participants

Once you have completed the steps of creating a quiz and adding questions to the quiz, you can now assign this quiz to different participants.

You can use several search criteria to select people to assign the quiz. Check the checkboxes of the participants to whom you want to assign the quiz.

Once you have selected the participants, click on the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page.

You can also select a specific Group of participants to whom you want to send the quiz. 

On success, a success popup message like this will show.

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