What is KPI Gamification?

Organizational success is measured in terms of key performance indicators (KPI). These KPIs are set at an organization level, then tailored for each business unit, business function and ultimately, an individual employee. 

Gamifying these KPI's helps in motivating your team to achieve higher targets. It provides an excellent opportunity to communicate corporate goals to employees and to align them with those goals.

SmartWinnr brings to you an entire suite of Gamification capabilities that enable different types of gaming. Here is how Gamification helps in improving employee engagement. 

Gamification to engage different roles:

What would be an effective way to measure the performance of your employees and the activities that drive that performance. Sure, you can send around weekly email updates or fill scorecards with numbers. But why not make it more fun and exciting by turning KPIs into games. Gamification lets you set the KPIs in a way that they drive behavior and motivate employees to achieve.

Create awards that let you motivate everybody:

Gamification lets you set up multiple award categories to recognize achievement and improvement across a variety of KPIs or employee roles. It also offers tiered awards for individuals and teams to enable more players to receive recognition. Creating multiple ways to win keeps more participants engaged and excited throughout the competition.

Embrace a competitive spirit:

Salespeople are competitive by nature. Gamification leverages this competitive spirit of them by creating a challenging and gamified environment to work. Also, millennials enjoy playing games, scoring points, and badges and getting recognized amongst their peers and seniors.

Keep the competition alive and the scores up to date: 

Leaderboards encourage players to focus on all aspects of the game. Gamification uses points assigned to each KPI and earned by individual players and entire teams to determine weekly standings for players and teams, and standings for specific KPIs. 

Increase motivation with leaderboards, badges, and awards

KPI gamification allows the player to compete with their colleagues in a friendly way. It gives them bragging rights about their achievements. It uses leaderboards, badges, and awards to recognize achievements and help to drive the players' motivation to deliver their best results.

Monitor performance without the hassle:

KPI Gamification improves performance and makes it a fun experience, without the burden of managing tangled, complex spreadsheets.

The below infographic illustrates the 4 steps of KPI gamification:

Learn more in detail about KPI gamification from our blog post.

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